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Jorge Castañeda de Excelencia en Comunicaciones: "Distribuimos importantes marcas y contamos con desarrollos propios"

 Además de distinguirse por representar importantes marcas en México durante 20 años, Excelencia en Comunicaciones y Tecnología también cuenta...

NEVION presenta: VideoIPath Plataforma de gestión de servicios video óptico

Como los Carriers despliegan mayor difusión y complejidad en la redes, NEVION ha presentado un software basado en plataforma...

Nuevo Protocolo de Streambox

Exclusivo de Streambox, el nuevo Low Delay Multi-Path Protocol (LDMP) 2.0. La tecnología es un protocolo fiable que monitoriza automáticamente todas las redes IP disponibles y utiliza las conexiones de forma...


Excelencia en Comunicaciones y Tecnología (Excomunitec) has been implementing Broadcast projects for over 20 years.

We provide comprehensive solutions for the Movie, Radio and Television industries in our country. We are exclusive representatives of the most important international companies that manufacture products for the broadcast, broadband and government markets. We are backed by the best technology and training available worldwide. This provides us the opportunity and pride of having the main companies in the education, government and private sector as customers.

To provide solutions and state-of-the-art technology through our manufacturers, distributors, engineers and sales force for the development of Mexican companies in the television, cinema, radio and telecommunication industries.

To be the leading Mexican company that provides the best comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge technologies to the world of movies, radio, television and telecommunications in the country; always committed to understanding, listening and being on the customer’s side in order to understand their scenarios and thus accomplishing their satisfaction through a quality service and counseling.

To develop innovative solutions to fit customers’ needs with the highest quality in the market, using the latest technology and offering a first-class service.